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Part 1: Coronavirus: The Early Days

I do a weekly cartoon for the newspaper health section. It is a lot of fun and it keeps me drawing.

It's easy to forget how early most of us knew Covid-19 could become a real problem.  Experts were downplaying it as a minor hazard compared to influenza.. Not until January 20 was there official acknowledgement the virus could spread from person to person. On that same day, I tried to buy face masks for our office and discovered a disturbing problem:  They were all sold out.  

Something was brewing.  But the public really was not following the epidemic. So, I made a general medical cartoon.

Yet, the news of Coronavirus was trickling into the media. Yes, the American Public was preoccupied with Democratic Primaries and impeachment hearings, but many were also aware of the new virus in Wuhan.  By January 23, I felt enough people knew of the threat to create two cartoons:

The second cartoon was done at a time when people were entering crowded DMV's to get their new driver's license which would enable them to fly in airplanes.  The lines were insane and the wait was many, many hours.

This one did not age well.  I thought it was pretty hilarious at the time and I got a lot of positive feedback.  Now, it looks.... kind of cliche and disturbing.

No, it did not age well at all....

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