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Part 2: February 2020: "It's just the flu! Get a flu shot and don't worry!"

Updated: May 31, 2020

This was the line: "We don't panic over the flu! Why are you freaking out?"

Yet, a lot of us were watching China crush its own economy to contain this thing. "What do they know about this? It obviously has them terrified!"

Even before February started, face masks vanished from store shelves.

Yet, the public was still preoccupied by the Primaries and Impeachment. I decided two Coronavirus cartoons in a row was too much. Ironically, I focused on Assisted Living facilities. Who would know they could turn into such terrible places of confinement within a matter of days?

Meanwhile, the face mask issue was becoming more prominent. How could we improvise?

As February progressed, it was obvious to many of us that something huge was going to hit. Within a couple of hours, I pieced together this short animated cartoon with audio. Dr. Fauci was not yet front and center with the media, so I created a generic spokesperson. Viewers did not seem to appreciate or like the animation. Most people seemed to be in denial:

As we moved later into February, many doctor offices noticed a worrisome trend. Hospitals also noticed a problem. Patients were avoiding medical care. The problem was so gradual at first.

I did not grasp the situation that was forming. Studies had noted that people who had flu shots visited their doctors less. Was this the problem?

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